Mission Statement

Now more than ever, college students are in need of financial stability. While it is not uncommon for college students to be busy, it is common for them to be in need of income. At Selear, our mission is to connect college students with the opportunity to make money on campus while saving time.

We envision a world where college students can organize their time and stay active in the community while being productive. Selear is meant to allow students to utilize their time efficiently. We want to foster a greater sense of community and personal growth through achievement and organization of time.



Selear is different from a regular job. Instead, it is a platform for college students to hire one another for on-campus tasks. Some examples include, but are not limited to, tutoring, deliveries, dorm move-out, etc. The possibilities are endless, as long as they comply with our Terms of Service

Security is one of our top priorities and is handled with the utmost caution and care. Users must provide their school email belonging to an educational institution. One must join Selear with an email from their school. Selear is meant to be used as a source of income for college students amongst each other. Please respect people’s preferences and refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Once signed up, post to your school’s section and enjoy our services!

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Now more than ever, college students are in need of financial stability.

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